Rebel Wilson Reveals Biggest Challenge Comes After Losing Weight

Rebel Wilson Reveals Biggest Challenge Comes After Losing Weight

Rebel Wilson lost 60 pounds in a year and revealed the real struggles that she is facing following the weight loss. The 41-year-old Australian actress appeared on Good Morning America on Monday and reflected on her weight loss journey.

“Now the challenge is to keep it off. I’ve never successfully in my life [done that],” Rebel Wilson said of maintaining her weight loss. “I’ve lost a bit of weight here and there, but never kept it off.”

“Seeing all the Easter eggs out there right now, I’m like, woo! It’s driving me crazy,” she added. “I’m loving it, and I’m really proud of myself for being able in such a difficult year to do a whole life transformation.”

“I would numb myself with food,” previously Wilson said, People reported. “I was traveling the world and I had a hectic lifestyle and my way of dealing with the pressure sometimes was eating ice cream and brownies, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t treating myself with love. I’ll have desert once or twice a week now. It’s just not an every day thing, Having a sweet tooth will always be my vice, but online shopping has crept up a bit!”

“It’s been twenty years of an up and down struggle,” she said. “I’ve wanted to share as much as I can and all the things I’ve learned. Going on long walks, eating more protein and just being grateful, those are things you don’t need to go to some mega fancy facility to learn. I’ve learned to change my behavior slowly and become more healthy and I’m proud of myself but it’s still a journey.”

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