Prince Harry

Prince Harry Admits He Wanted To Revolutionize ‘Stuffy’ Royal Engagements

Prince Harry

Prince Harry admitted that he wanted to revolutionize royal engagements, making them more interesting and fun. More importantly, he wanted to make them less “stuffy.”

Prince Harry opened up about his plans to liven up traditional royal events including formal engagements and state banquets to the authors of Finding Freedom – a recently released biography that revolves around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Royal commentators Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote about Prince Harry in their book as someone who didn’t always appreciate the formalities associated with the royal life.

This included specific outfits and protocols to the way important royal engagements are carried out. The authors say Prince Harry believed bringing in a change in these time tested traditions was important to ensure people remain interested in the Royal Family.

“Not one for pomp and circumstance, he never liked certain ‘stuffy’ engagements, like state banquets at Buckingham Palace, or the overly formal attire they sometimes required,” they wrote.

“To this day, Harry doesn’t like wearing a tie,” the authors added. “He once confessed to the authors of this book ‘We need to liven these things up, make them more fun and interesting.”

This could be the reason why Harry is not a direct heir to the throne, unlike his elder brother Prince William. Pointing out how Harry and his brother William were brought up differently because the Duke of Cambridge would be the king one day, the book claims, “By the time the boys got older, the difference in their position was clearer. William would have solo meetings with the Queen to learn about his future role, but Harry never did.”

Diana always thought her younger son not to let anyone make him feel that he wasn’t special because he would never be king, adding that he was lucky because he had the chance to figure out his purpose. Titles are both boon and burden. For more updates, keep checking this space.

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