Petra Jordan History – The Ancient City Of Petra

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Placed around 115 miles (185 km) in southwest of Amman, Jordan, Petra was an old city that was actually cut into red desert precipices. Its lavish antiquated structural planning and natural beauty draw attention in individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Some piece of the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” was recorded in Petra, which brought it more prevalent attention.

Petra Jordan History - The Ancient City Of PetraHomes And Water

Examination of lodging stays at ez-Zantur, inside Petra ancient city, recommends that individuals were building houses out of stone by 2,100 years prior, proclaiming a time of urbanization. This methodology would see individuals surrender their tents for more lasting stone residences, in a few occasions cutting them into the cliffs. In time unsupported homes for the elite would be made containing segments and various rooms.

The “Treasury”

Petra contains various tombs; the majority of them build at the edge of the city, past the main road. Some were basic, containing numerous burials in an unadorned rock chamber but others were more awesome. One of the best known tombs at Petra city is known as the “Khazneh,” which means “Treasury” in Arabic language. It is called this on the grounds that at one time nearby individuals trusted it contained as hidden treasures. Today, archeologists view it as a two-story high tomb, yet an astonishing one. Its exterior measures 82 feet that is 25 meters wide and it is 128 feet (39 meters) high.

Ancient Temples

Petra’s old tenants kept up a rich spiritual life. Three temples found close to the main road are accepted to date to the city’s peak, around 2,000 years prior. One of them is known as the Qasr al-Bint. Walls of these templates are still kept up to a tallness of 75 feet (23 meters). The sacred of holies, a room with a stage, was toward the end. A help at the temple recommends that the structure may have been devoted to the god Dushara.

An alternate structure, known to archeologists at the “Great Temple,” contains a little theater in an outline like a cutting edge ensemble lobby. It was substantial to such a degree as to fit around 600 individuals with its external layer of seats having a breadth of around 110 feet (33 meters). The third temple is placed halfway up a slope, is the Temple of the Winged Lions, so named on the grounds that portrayals of winged cats were found close to its altar. It contains a door and worship place with sections.

Petra Jordan History - The Ancient City Of Petra

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