Amazing Facts About The Lost City – Petra

Amazing Facts About The Lost City – Petra

Amazing Facts About The Lost City – PetraRose Red City

Petra is then again known as the Rose Red City, owing to its structures that are cut into rose-red hued sandstone slopes. The red-tinged mountains encompassing Petra on its three sides make it resemble a fortification. Nabataeans made great utilization of this and utilized an exceptional pressure driven system to reserve water, accordingly making an artificial oasis. The Silk Route dealers utilized this city for resting and exchanging different things.

Petra Entrance

The entrance of Petra is sensational. You need to stroll through a slender canyon of more than 1 km. This crevasse is flanked by tall cliffs of around 80 km, and it is called Siq. Your first look of Petra (and first perspective of the Al Khazneh) comes while you are almost close to the end of the Siq.

Al Khazneh and Buildings of Petra

In the lost city of Petra facts Al Khazneh, which is actually mean as ‘Treasury’, Al Khazneh is an absolute important to see in Petra. Cut straight out of a cliff, this present landmark’s veneer is a noteworthy bit of Greek-influenced structural building. It is accepted to have been assembled as a mausoleum toward the beginning of the first century AD. The discharges that you see on the veneer were to discover the treasure.

Movies Influenced By Petra

If you are a fan of Indiana Jones, you may feel that you are establishing a scene out of the film Last Crusade and Indiana Jones while entering through the Siq and looking through the Al Khazneh. In the film however, this was the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. Different films emphasizing scenes impacted by the stunning destinations in Petra incorporate Transformers: Mortal Kombat Annhilation, Arabian Nights, and Revenge of the Fallen to name few.

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