OpTic Gaming’s H3CZ Announces Ryvals To Facilitate Competitions

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OpTic Gaming’s H3CZ offiicially announced Ryvals on Friday, May 28 a new online competition platform, which is co-owned by OpTic Gaming CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez.

It is described as a “revolutionize the ways player react,” Ryvals will facilitate various competitions. With the help of this platform, online users can track their own growth rather than just competing against one another. Moreover, they can also see accurately how they are stack up against others.

It will utilize Shift4 Payments, which is a secure payment processing company that will send prizes to the winners, who are utilizing the platform. H3CZ serves as a co-owner of the company along with the former UMG chief technology officer Michael Martin, Chris Shaya, and Sean Murphy. It was established in late 2017.

In order to promote the launch, H3CZ also took to Twitter on May 25 and shared a giveaway.

“GIVEAWAT TIME! Make sure to follow @ryvals and go reserve your name at http://ryvals.com once you do, reply to this post with your username, will be picking someone on Friday!” he tweeted.

“As a seasoned veteran in the competitive space, whether casual or tournament play, across different platforms, when the opportunity arose to become part of Ryvals, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to help create a platform that was built for the gamer,” said H3CZ.

“Ryvals has built something special, and I look forward to seeing Ryvals launch, grow, innovate, and evolve into the marquee esports tournament platform.”

For more updates, keep watching this space.

OpTic Gaming’s H3CZ Announces Ryvals To Facilitate Competitions

OpTic Gaming’s H3CZ Announces Ryvals To Facilitate Competitions

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