Meghan Markle Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Maker Feels The Duchess Misjudged Her Role Of Being A Royal

Meghan Markle Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle’s steeply-priced wedding dress was brought to life by some talented women including, embroiderer Chloe Savage, who feels the Duchess of Sussex misjudged royal role.

Its been quite some time since Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down from their royal roles and started living independently in the United States with their son Archie, 1. Speaking candidly in an interview with Insider, Chloe Savage opened up about how she feels the former Suits actress wasn’t ready for the rules and regulations, which is a British royal is expected to follow.

She went on to say that Meghan “misjudged” her role while pointing out that the royal family has a reputation for breaking people. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, had ample time to adapt and adjust to the royal role, considering that she dated Prince William for nearly a decade before they tied the knot, whereas Meghan “sort of dived in headfirst.”

It was just a year after their relationship became public, Harry and Meghan got engaged. Chloe Savage accused the royal family of breaking Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson and several others.

“I know it’s looser now than it used to be, but even then, I don’t think [Meghan] was prepared for the things she could and couldn’t do, say, and wear,” she said. Savage feels Meghan could have proved to be a great royal family member, but much to her chagrin, she found the whole thing “very difficult.”

Chloe also noted that while living an independent life as a singleton, Meghan had no restrictions in terms of what she did. “And unfortunately, with the royal family, granny rules — quite simply,” Savage said.


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