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Meghan Markle’s Former Classmate Claims To Receives Death Threats

Meghan Markle’s former high school classmate claimed that he has been receiving death threats. This comes after the former classmate talked about Meghan on his podcast. He claims that reporters were “camping outside” his home for seven days.

He even told Andy Cohen that he has received “death threats” after he talked about her on the aforesaid podcast. Actor Nema Vand appeared on Reality Life with Kate Casey, where he divulged some details about his friendship with Meghan when they were teens. As a result, reporters showed up at his home in a bid a find some royal family gossip.

The Shahs of Sunset star appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where he was asked if he had tried to get in touch with Meghan since she has returned to California. “No because the Meghan Markle army came for me when I talked about it on my podcast,” Vand said.

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“I had reporters showing up to my house. My friend who I mentioned had dated her had reporters camping outside his home for a week. I was getting death threats on Twitter,” he added.

“All I said was she was a woman among girls and sat on my lap in a party and was nose to nose with me and the British press turned that into ‘I’m calling her a floosy’ and they came for me.”

“Don’t mess with the Queen is my point. It was really bad Andy honestly.” He went on to reveal that about a year ago, reporters literally camped outside his house, and his friend’s house.”

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Vand had attended the all-boys equivalent to Meghan’s high school, and the duo had attended parties together while they were teenagers. Meghan had attended an all-girl Catholic school Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles. She was then admitted to the prestigious Northwestern University in Illinois, according to Express.

The former Suits actress graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and International Relations. After his comments on the podcast last year, Vand had tweeted “Let me be perfectly clear: Meghan Markle was one of the kindest people I remember from high school. Watching certain publications twist a really sweet and innocent story is absurd. I’ve never known Meghan to be anything but kindhearted to EVERYONE.” 

While she was still in primary and high school, Meghan had shown interest in acting and visited the television sets her father worked on several times. In 2011, she was cast in the American legal drama Suits. She played paralegal Rachel Zane, the love interest of the main character Michael Ross for seven years.

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