‘Love After Lockup’: Stan Opens Up About His Reluctance To Introduce Lisa To His Kids

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One of the several break-out stars from the current season of Love After Lockup, Stan Smith and Lisa are off to a rocky start on the show. Stan Smith has expressed an unwillingness to introduce Lisa to his children. 

The couple is showing off their unconventional romance in season four of Love After Lockup, as Stan waits with bated breath for Lisa’s release from prison. However, Stan opened up about his reluctance to introduce his younger girlfriend to his adult children, before her coming home.

Things are a bit awkward for him, considering that his daughters are close in age to his girlfriend. Lisa met Stan through a website that helps women find potential sugar daddies. Stan, who is a self-proclaimed multi-millionaire, has become Lisa’s go-to for all of her financial needs, per ScreenRant.

The couple had only two dates before Lisa was sent to federal prison on drug charges. Lisa informed Stan that she looks different since he last saw her. Stan, who is currently living alone with his cat, is restlessly waiting for Lisa to be in his arms again, but there is one thing he isn’t sure about. Introducing Lisa to his kids.

In the recent episode, Stan and Lisa had a phone call, during which Lisa asked Stan when she would finally be introduced to his kids. “I don’t know. They’re worried about a lot of silly things that don’t add up to a hill of beans,” Stan told Lisa.

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His children haven’t supported anyone he has tried to date since splitting from their mother. “My daughters have never liked anybody I’ve went out with, so it doesn’t apply,” he assures his prison sweetie. Stan explains “it could be Joan of Arc” and his children wouldn’t be satisfied. “They love their mother and so to them, nobody can add up.”

After losing his wife in 2012, Stan has tried out online dating but failed to find “the one.” Moreover, he is not comfortable with his kids meeting his much younger girlfriend. “My daughters are pretty close to Lisa’s age,” Stan revealed during his confessional. “But they wouldn’t like her if she was any age. They think she’s using me for money,” he added.

Considering how they met, it is understandable that Lisa is curious to find out who her beau is spending his millions on. Nevertheless, she claims that she only has his best interests at heart. “I get it, I just hope you know I have nothing but good intentions for us,” Lisa told Stan.

Love After Lockup Stan

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