India COVID-19 Cases Increases By 50,040 Amid Delta Variant Concerns

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India’s daily COVID-19 infection cases marked a 50,040 increase on Sunday according to the official data. The country is detecting highly infectious, Delta variant of the coronavirus in different states of India.

It is worth noting that less than 6% of India’s adult population of 950 million received two doses. This is one of the reasons why new variants are a particular concern in the country, where more than half the population is not vaccinated.

According to the health ministry, At least 20 cases in Maharashtra state have been found linked to the new Delta Plus variant last week.

The country’s official death count is now 395,751. However, experts and global health agencies such as the World Health Organisation believe the toll may be much higher.

State governments had eased the restrictions of lockdown earlier this month due to a fall in coronavirus cases. However, due to presence of the Delta variant and the slow pace of vaccination might trigger the third wave in India.

What do we know about the COVID-19 Delta variant?

For more updates, keep watching this space.

India COVID-19 Cases Increases By 50,040 Amid Delta Variant Concerns

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