Life of an IT Engineer of India Vs USA Life

                                                              There are lots of interesting differences.. let’s take a look 😉

Jai works 10 am-<undefined> pm.

Joe works 8 am – 5 pm.

Jai will soon become a Manager.

Joe can remain Geeky.


Jai has lunch in the Canteen.

Joe often munches right inside Meetings.

Jai does not carry an Apple in his hand.

Joe carries a healthy snack – Apple in his hand.

Jai dances in the rain.

Joe dances in the club.

Jai uses a Water Jet.

Joe uses Toilet Paper.

Jai loves Khichdi.

Joe loves a Mexican dish he can’t pronounce.

Jai thinks Turkey is a country.

Joe thinks Turkey is a bird.

Jai loves Brown Tea/Coffee.

Joe loves it Black.

Jai looks forward to festival holidays.

Joe looks forward to July 4th weekend.

Jai wants his PAN/Aadhaar/Voter Id.

Joe wants his H1B/Green Card/Citizenship.

Jai speaks 3 languages.

Joe speaks all 3 with a lovely accent.

Jai lives beside a bakery, next to Silkboard Junction.

Joe lives beside a riverfront, next to Margarita Square.

Jai became Joe, when he went to USA.

Joe became confused, when he came to India 😀

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