Vasham Telugu Film – A Crowd Funded Film Based on Intellectualism

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Vasham Telugu Film: There been many films came with flat expectation but scored huge Appreciation at the Box Office. Recently Bicchagadu and U Turn (Kannada) could be shown as example. Again this small budget is gonna secure a huge appreciation at the Box office if everything goes well. “Vasham” is an upcoming Telugu film based on an interesting story line.


“What if I said, People can fly one place to another within hours? 

What If I spoke of electricity two hundred years ago?

People would have called it Magic, but yesterday’s magic is today’s science!

Now, what if I say Yoga, Music and chemicals can help you control all energy forms and even people’s thoughts? Would you term it ‘Magic’ or ‘Science’?

The director raise his questions & he himself gives the solutions with his flick.

In addition with the story line he says’

Our film ‘Vasham’ is a psychological thriller which deals with dark magic, and advanced science that can be used to control others. Vasham is a tale of friendship, love and the lust for intellectual power. This is also the tale of some young students, a teacher and their lessons in humility.”

Director’s Words:

The dream started when I was in engineering. When everyone is running after GPA’s and Jobs, I was there reading about Satyajit Ray and watching world cinema in the process of discovering a new world! Back in IBM I was restless, and soon resigned my job and made a desi docudrama film ‘Song of Life’ in Hinglish, by going back to my college IIT (ISM ) Dhanbad and staying there for an year! It was a 1hour 40 minutes video and I learnt many practical lessons!

   I Believe no one can teach us a style as everyone will have their own. But I wanted to learn the basics and so I entered Tollywood and did all kinds of jobs to understand the production process. I worked for Minugurulu in pre-production, a film about blind kids and then I worked as a production designer for Case no.666 and finally as a co-writer for Chandamama Kathalu, which went on to win a National award!

 Why this Genre?

Basically I love drama and I came up with many stories. But when I narrated my story to Praveen Sattaru (Chandamama Kathalu director) he said “Srikanth, your first film is your mark, take a risk and come up with something very very new!”  So I took up the base Idea from Rohit Mishra (Alumnus, NIT Jaipur) who worked on this for a couple of years. Then I did my own research for another year and locked this script for 99 pages and 143 scenes.”


It is a very new idea and we have no so called commercial elements, but we believe this film has good potential and we thought the best way to go forward is to crowdfund it! We believed we are ready for new films. Actually the recent hits like Kshanam, Pellichupulu, Manamantha supports our point. After writing the first draft, we kept the first half of the script online for people to read and invest if they believe in the project! Well that did work well and we raised 70L and we successfully completed the shoot.

Planning to start a second phase of crowdfunding, need to raise 30L ( 20L for promotion, TV,Print media and online promotion) and 10L for Qube and posters to release in 60 theatres minimum. We are looking to sell rights area wise as well. Hope we do well in overseas mainl

Click Here to view the Trailer:

Vasham Telugu Film - A Crowd Funded Film Based on Intellectualism

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