Kanye West Pushes For His Kids To Attend Donda Academy

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Kanye West isn’t willing to stop fighting Kim Kardashian over their children’s school, insisting he doesn’t compromise.

Kanye West wants his and Kim Kardashian’s kids to attend Donda Academy. In the second part of his interview with Tucker Carlson, the “Heartless” rapper said he is not willing to “compromise” when it comes to his children’s education.

“All they do is take all the celebs kids and throw them into this same school,” he said about his kids’ current school, Sierra Canyon. He accused the administration of trying to “indoctrinate them.”

“Right now we’ve come to a compromise — but I’m not finished because I don’t compromise — but we’ve come to a compromise that my kids come to my school after school and they learn choir.”

He went on to claim that his youngest son, Psalm, has already been influenced since he once asked why he needs to do choir at Donda when he doesn’t go there, as a PageSix report.

“I sat there with [Psalm] and he came in and said, ‘why do I have to sing? I don’t even go to your school,’” West told Carlson. Kanye said he feels like he doesn’t have a say in how his kids are developing.

“So imagine a 16-year-old version of that guy, or the 26-year-old version of that guy, where the father doesn’t have a sayso of what the kids are watching, what the kids are wearing, what the kids are eating, or who the kids are hanging out with.”

Kanye West Slams Kim Kardashian For Not Raising Their Kids How He Wants

West and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian have been arguing about how to raise their kids after the reality TV star filed for divorce in 2021. Their kids currently go to Sierra Canyon and do extracurricular activities at Donda.

Kanye previously revealed that Kim has their kids “80 percent of the time.” Last month, the rapper shared screenshots of his text messages with presumably Kardashian.

“No, we need to talk in person, you don’t have a say so of where the kids go to school. Why you get say say? Cause you half white?” one of the texts read.

West reiterated this idea in another message, writing, “Y’all don’t have say so over my Black children and where they go to school.” Shortly after sharing these messages, Kanye claimed “co-parenting” was going well after he suggested the “idea” that the kids can spend 3 days in their private school and the other two days at his school.

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