Kamal Haasan Predicts Future With His Films copy

Kamal Haasan Predicts Future With His Films

Kamal Haasan Predicts Future With His Films copyIn 2004, east coast of our country was struck and many people died because of ‘tsunami‘, surprisingly Kamal Haasan had already mentioned the word ‘tsunami’ in 2003 movie ‘Anbesivam’, though it was unknown to many people.

And now when the word is talking about “Ebola Virus”, actor Kamal Haasan has once again already mentioned it before in his film ‘Dasavatharam’ in 2008 which has again made heads turn.

In a scene of ‘Dasavatharam’ Kamal Haasan tries to get the parcel that contains bio weapon by saying, “It’s a synthetic bio weapon, It’s a Ebola – Marburg combination. It’s very lethal.”

Even earlier in 2000 it happened a riot scene in ‘Hey Ram’ which was later followed by the Gujarat riots after 2 years (2002). After ‘Vettaiyadu Vilayadu’ got released which was about two psychopath killers, Monider-Sathish came to light – the NODIA serial killing.

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