Jackie Chan’s Daughter Etta Ng Is Homeless – The Real Family Drama

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There are many facts about Jackie Chan’s Daughter which are lesser known in India and America. Jackie Chan has a daughter from his ex-girlfriend Elaine Ng Yi LeiI. In late 90s Jackie Chan had an affair with Hong Kong Beauty Queen, Elaine Ng. She conceived a baby, Etta Ng.

Jackie Chan's Daughter Etta Ng Is Homeless - The Real Family DramaJackie Chan initially denied the affair and didn’t accepted the baby. After Elaine asked for DNA test Jackie accepted the fact and called it a mistake that any man would make.

Rumors: Sources from China says that it was well known that Jackie Chan was in his 40s and married. While Elaine was new in film business and in her early 20s. She was impulsive and conceived the baby even after Jackie Chan refused to be a father.

After many years Elaine tried to get money from Jackie Chan for upbringing, Jackie Chan refused to give even a single cent to her. As Jackie Chan find her emotionally blackmailing him.

But Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan who is half brother of Etta has sent some financial help to Elaine, according to the reports. Jaycee Chan didn’t speak about it openly because it might hurt her mother and Jackie Chan’s wife Joan Lin Feng-jiao who is Taiwanese actress.

When Jackie Chan’s daughter Etta Ng was questioned about Jackie Chan she said, she look up to him just like any other film star and not like a father.

Recently Etta Ng come out as a part of LGBT community and dating a Canadian model. When Jackie Chan was asked about his views on this, he told media; “As long as she is happy, it’s okay”.

She left home several times even before and her mother Elaine is so broke that she has to take financial help from her friends.

As per the discussion in China, Elaine Ng has failed to be a single parent and couldn’t provide proper upbringing to Etta.

Few days ago Elaine reported a missing complaint for Etta and she was found with the help of a CCTV footage in Canada. In the footage it could be clearly heard that she is trying to take her father’s name Jackie Chan to impress the shopkeeper.

Watch Video Here:

Who is the real victim? Jackie Chan who is being emotionally pressurized to give financial aid or Elaine who had an affair with a married man? Or can we take a minute and think about Etta Ng, who is just 18 years old and don’t know what to do with her life? Or maybe after being matured she Etta Ng learned how to use her father’s name for her personal benefits Or has she figured out how she can take advantage of being Chan’s daughter?

Keep watching this space for more updates and don’t forget to comment down below as what do you think of this family drama?

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