Is It Worth Watching ‘Black Adam’ Despite Negative Reviews?

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Despite the hype surrounding it, Black Adam continues to garner negative reviews that deem the DC film “repetitive” and “anti-entertaining.”

DC is gearing up for the imminent release of its next superhero flick titled Black Adam. The film is graced by Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi, Noah Centineo, Pierce Brosnan and Jennifer Holland, and a myriad of other notable actors.

However, it looks like DC film has failed terribly in terms of impressing critics. A report by Variety suggests the film has a 32 percent approval rate from leading critics on the review website Rotten Tomatoes.

This is the lowest figure for a DC film since Justice League, according to the publication. Notably, a broader group of approved critics rated Black Adam at a slightly better 54 percent.

While critics are heaping praises on Dwayne Johnson, the film has only been subject to negative or slightly positive reviews.

“Black Adam’s big-screen debut doesn’t exactly capture lightning in a bottle,” IGN states. “BLACK ADAM is an action-packed crowd pleaser.” a slightly positive review of the film reads.

“@TheRock is at the top of his game. Doctor Fate and Hawkman are standouts and the JSA fleshes out the DC universe. The surprise everyone’s been waiting for definitely delivers, and it will get fans excited for the future. #BlackAdam”

Black Adam Fails To Impress Critics

“Johnson’s massive bulk, planet-sized head and sly gift for deadpan humour all make him a great superhero,” Peter Bradshaw wrote for The Guardian.

“And this passion project serves the character well, setting him up for adventures one hopes will be less predictable than this one.” critic John Defore wrote for The Hollywood Reporter.

“Not even the pleasure of watching Johnson enter into a blockbuster template he seemed destined to dominate can make up for how generic, flavorless and incoherent this is,” Rolling Stone’s review reads.

The Wrap didn’t shy away from calling the film “anti-entertaining.” “He (Johnson) doesn’t have the stomach to make Black Adam much of an antihero, let alone a bad guy (the character is workshopping catchphrases within a few scenes of waking up, and has a habit of disappearing from sight whenever things get complicated).” as per Indie Wire report.

However, there are a few reasons why you might still want to watch Black Adam despite negative reviews.

To recap, Johnson has teased bigger battles are in the offing for Black Adam. Leaked videos of the film’s end credit scene have sparked rumors surrounding who the eponymous antihero could lock horns with in the future.

Overall, if things go as planned, Black Adam could turn out to be a better franchise. Lastly, DC has introduced villains in the film that were limited only to comic books until now.

Will you watch Black Adam despite the negative reviews? Let us know in the comments below.

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