HONEST Cost Of Healthy Dieting in India | How much do I spend on my diet? | BeerBiceps Budget Dieting

What’s good everybody? In today’s video I’ll be talking about THE HONEST AND REAL 100% TRUTH about how much it costs to live a healthy life in an Indian Metro. In today’s video i talk about how much money I spend on my own diet, but I’m also going to talk about tips on how to save money while also eating healthy food!

Everything from the miscellaneous expenses like oil, salt, spices to carbohydrate expenses on rice and roti. To even a detailed breakdown on common Indian protein sources like eggs, chicken, whey protein and paneer. HOW MUCH MONEY does it REALLY cost?

The hacks i will speak about will give you an idea about how to save money on all this healthy eating. You will also be able to construct a low budget bodybuilding diet plan OR A a low budget weight loss diet plan OR a low budget weight gain diet plan through this video. Healthy eating has never been this budget friendly! Hope you guys like today’s save money & eat clean video. Enjoy!

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