Gazebo Dhaba Review

Gazebo Dhaba Review: Lip-Smacking Food, Awe-Inspiring Ambiance, Prompt And Courteous Service

Gazebo Dhaba Review

Gazebo Dhaba Review: Like most people, we spent our weekends traveling and checking out new restaurants until the pandemic shuttered several restaurants around the world. Much to our relief, with the number of people contracting the deadly disease decreasing, the government decided to permit some restaurants to operate, provided they followed all rules.

On Feb. 28, Sunday, we decided to celebrate my friend Vinay’s birthday at Gazebo Dhaba and Restaurant, which is located in Panvel. I made this decision to mark the special day after checking out their reviews, some videos on Instagram, and a recommendation from another friend, who visited the Dhaba in Nov. last year.

As has been the case for most of our recent journeys, we hired a car for our trip. Realizing it would take a little over an hour to reach Gazebo from Andheri, we decided to kick off our day with some healthy and delicious breakfast at Scrumptious, a cozy cafe located in Versova, Andheri West.

The breakfast comprised of an omelet with ham, hashbrown, a couple of toasts, and butter. In other words, it was enough to keep us filled during the journey. On our way, we stopped at Yewale Amruttulya to have their famous chai (tea). I have visited the same location for my previous vlog. You can watch it by following this link.

I’d like to introduce you’ll to Akhtar, who has been driving us to some of our recently visited places. Upon noticing me shooting a video, the lady at Yewale Amruttulya inquired about what we were shooting for, and Akhtar made sure she knew who I was, and assured them that they would be famous (not that they aren’t already).

After enjoying the refreshing tea, which costs only 10 rupees (about $0.14), we continued our journey. We reached Gazebo Dhaba in about 2 hours from Andheri. Though the weather was hot, we were super excited to be there due to the reviews online. Apparently, they serve some lip-smacking food, and that’s exactly what we were looking forward to.

As we entered the Dhaba, people instantly noticed that I was shooting for a vlog and this helped us grab the attention of Abdul Kadar, the gentleman who served us. Not only Mr. Kadar recommended what we should try, but also shared interesting details about the food.

We first sat outside in the gazebo, while browsing through the menu, which Mr. Kader explained to us. The first item on the menu to grab my attention is called Saudi Champion, which carries a 250 INR (about $3.43) price tag..Mr. Kader described it as a refreshing drink with fresh fruits.

We were then escorted to the dastarkhwan, which turned out to be simply awe-inspiring. The overall ambiance, seating arrangement, and color scheme will leave you in awe. I sat with my back facing a wall that featured a beautiful painting of the Taj Mahal. Although compact, the dastarkhwan can easily accommodate a group of about 9-10 people.

We got ready to place our order, with Mr. Kader explaining each dish on the menu that we considered ordering. It is worth mentioning here that the staff was extremely courteous and helpful. The water bottle kept in front of us carried the Gazebo Dhaba branding, which was quite impressive.

Before placing our order, we asked Akhtar to join us. He was initially hesitant but eventually joined us at the table. The first item to reach our table was Saudi Champion, and it lived up to our expectations. It was so refreshing that we almost finished a big jug full of it even before our main order arrived.

Our main order, the mixed meat platter arrived shortly, and its sizzling sound made us hungrier. Aside from the amazing presentation, the mixed meat platter offered multiple offers – all on a single platter. With Vinay unwilling to eat even a single morsel more, I was left to finish the rest of the food on the plate, which I did as any brave food warrior would.

Despite being full, Vinay wanted to try a prawns dish so we went ahead and order prawn butter garlic, which was equally lip-smacking. Now, it was time for dessert and we didn’t want to take the traditional cake cutting way, so ordered an item Mr. Kader recommended. – Istanbul Kazandibi.

Istanbul Kazandibi is by far the best dessert I’ve tasted in a long time. It had cheese, rabri, cream and everything nice. There was no better way for us to end the day. Our bill was 5,759 INR (about $79), which seems reasonable for the amount of food we ordered.

After freshening up, Mr. Kader showed us the terrace seating. It is super spacious and can accommodate several people at the same time, hopefully, once the pandemic comes to an end. Just opposite this terrace area, is another terrace seating, just beside a spacious children’s play area. It can accommodate 120 people.

There are some cute animals and birds, including rabbits and pigeons for kids’ attraction. We left Gazebo Dhaba at 5:15 p.m. with memories that will remain with us for a very long time. Check out our vlog below and watch this space for more interesting food-related content.

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