‘Free Guy’ Ending Explained: The Captain America’s Shield [SPOILERS]

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“Free Guy” is a well-thought sci-fi movie starring Ryan Reynolds that has successfully entertained the audience in the theaters. However, the ending of the movie is something that shocked many fans.

Director Shawn Levy opened up about the ending of the movie, the ethics of AI, working with Alex Trebek, and working with a bunch of professional video game streamers.

“There was always going to be a third act in which Ryan Reynolds squared off against his bigger, better 2.0 upgraded doppelganger: Guy versus Dude,” Levy told Inverse on Thursday. And there was always this idea that Guy has mastered the game and could access all of the weaponry available within Free City, the video game in which he lives.”

“But once Disney bought Fox, suddenly, there were certain toys in the toy chest that were just too tempting not to ask for,” he explained. “And to our great thrill, Disney was incredibly supportive in regards to all our requests.”

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Ethics of AI

“It’s not something that I thought about a great deal before I got involved with this movie,” he told the outlet. “But as I researched gaming culture and spoke to a lot of programmers and coders and people who are working in artificial intelligence, it was kind of this real eye-opener of the extent to which that tech has evolved. I kind of had no idea, and it is both stunning and slightly terrifying.”

“And as far as the ethics in regards to it, I’ve stayed ethically neutral on questions involving AI and involving the eradication of AI. That feels like a problem to be worked out by bigger brains than me,” he added.

Working with Gamers

“They were all super down to do it,” he revealed. “Like, literally, I just called them or emailed them and told them a little bit about the movie and they were excited. I was clear from the get-go that I wanted to make a movie for everyone, but if I didn’t depict gaming culture accurately and authentically, I have failed. So they wanted to be a part of that aspiration.”

“They wanted to give me what I needed from them as actors, but they also were great resources to show a scene to or to have on set,” he added. “They could call B.S. on stuff that I was gonna get wrong. It was like having some of the world’s greatest video game consultants all on hand because they were already organically a part of the movie.”

Alex Trebek’s cameo in “Free Guy”

“We were in the editing room and we wanted to convey in the movie that Blue Shirt Guy [Ryan Reynolds] was becoming famous,” he noted. “It was Ryan who suggested that when you’re an answer on Jeopardy, you’re in the culture. So Ryan just asked, and that’s the way we got all the cameos in the movie. We just asked.”

“We didn’t know that it would be one of the last things Alex would do. Also, we didn’t know that it would end up being released after his passing, all of which makes it more bittersweet, but also just an honor that we had the crossing of our paths with this legend, who will be missed,” he explained.

“Free Guy” dropped on Friday in theaters and it will soon release on HBO Max before streaming on Disney Plus.

'Free Guy' Ending Explained: The Captain America's Shield [SPOILERS]

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