FaZe Clan Members Shamed By xQc Over Crypto Sham

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Leading Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengel, known for confronting controversy, has humiliated the FaZe Clan members mixed up in a cryptocurrency rip-off that took place amid a Livestream.

On July 1, a PSA by FaZe Clan confirmed the removal of Kay and lay off of Teeqo, Jarvis, and Nikan from the association that ensued in the so-called smash and dash cryptocurrency scam.

A few close-knit collaborators, Sommer Ray and RiceGum, and these members ran an extensive advert campaign for a certain crypto token called Save the Kids.

The creators paid for this charade of promotions and they planned to dump off their investments post-launch. Furthermore, the organization released a statement that said – “FaZe Clan had absolutely no involvement with our member’s activity in the cryptocurrency space. We strongly condemn their recent behavior.”


Besides, some of the top influencers across multiple platforms already voicing their thoughts on this. This situation allowed the citizens of the internet to express their opinions, per Dexerto.

xQc’s comment on FaZe Clan

xQc criticized FaZe members while watching a video posted by CoffeZilla. It explained, in a careful analysis of this con which uncovered this scam. “It’s almost confirmed that they all knew about it”, He said in a July 7 stream.

“There’s six of them. You think these guys didn’t go upstairs, make a Hot Pocket and say ‘Yo bruh! I got this offer, I’m getting paid $200k for this weird thing and all I got to do is make a tweet! just one tweet!’ That’s how it works.”

Moreover, with HasanAbi also pointing fingers at FaZe, xQc isn’t the first person to taunt this FaZe Clan situation as they highlight the RiceGum Vs Adin Ross feud to cool off the claims of their scandal.

Likewise, Pokimane questioned this behavior of rich people getting involved in such illegal stuff to make money.

In a discussion with Mizkif, the twitch star quoted – “This is what confuses me. They will be this rich and they still do illegal stuff for money”.

However, there is no public comment yet from the “ex-members” on this situation. Banks, co-owner at FaZe, made it clear that it was his decision to suspend and let them go.

He added that any stance regarding a comeback with them hoping to create any dialogue adding clarity to this scene.

Continue to watch this zone for more updates!

FaZe Clan Members Shamed By xQc Over Crypto Sham

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