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Elon Musk Criticizes Lockdown That Forced Tesla To Shut Down California Plant

Elon Musk

With the still raging coronavirus pandemic continues to claim millions of lives around the world, people are waiting with bated breath for a coronavirus vaccine that would enable them to return to living a normal life, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t plan to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

During an interview on an episode of Sway, a podcast by The New York Times, Elon Musk revealed that neither he nor his family will be getting a coronavirus vaccine when it is made available to the public. The billionaire made this remark while responding to the host’s question about whether or not he would get vaccinated for COVID-19 when one finally comes out.

Musk said he would not, adding that even his family wouldn’t. He attributed his decision to not get vaccinated for the deadly pathogen to their strong immunity, claiming they weren’t vulnerable to coronavirus. “I’m not at risk, neither are my kids,” he said although there is no evidence to support that he or his family are any less vulnerable to coronavirus.

Musk then went on to criticize strict lockdowns in the United States, claiming it would not sever the greater good. He said rather than imposing a total lockdown, it would have made more sense to quarantine the vulnerable groups.

In April this year, Musk made a similar comment, joining those against the coronavirus lockdown. “FREE AMERICA NOW,” he tweeted, calling lockdown a curb on people’s freedom.

Following a report showing that lockdown did not help America save lives, Musk tweeted multiple news items and infographics to support his push for ending the lockdown. He described the coronavirus confinement as a “fascist” action and “an outrage” violated personal freedom and would end up damaging the economy.

While speaking on an earnings update for Tesla, the billionaire entrepreneur strongly criticized the orders which led to the shutdown of production in California. Musk is among the increasing group of people who aren’t willing to get vaccinated when one arrives.

An IPSOS Mori survey reveals that three in four adults are ready to get vaccinated, while it is widely believed that a vaccine is highly unlikely to arrive before the end of the year. Nearly 30 percent, including Musk, aren’t willing to get vaccinated.

During an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Bill Gates criticized Musk’s remarks on the virus, urging him not to speak publicly about the pandemic. The tech billionaires have feuded over COVID-19, with Gates calling Musk’s comments on the outbreak “outrageous,” and the Tesla chief executive calling Gates a “knucklehead” for criticizing his coronavirus response.

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