’90 Day Fiance’: Sumit Claims Jenny Is Not A Scammer

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90 day fiance the other way sumit and jenny

Fans of 90 Day Fiance were disappointed in Jenny for not telling the truth about her 2013 India trip and on top of that, staying at Sumit’s house. Sumit, however, blames the edit for portraying her as a liar.

TLC viewers, as well as Sumit’s parents Sahna and Anil, were shocked when they learned that Jenny overstayed her welcome, spending her nights with Sumit. Jenny ended up losing a few loyal fans who thought her lying about her India visit was worse than Summit hiding details of his marriage.

With 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way set to return in Oct., Sumit is opening up about Jenny’s India visit about seven years ago, and how the pay television channel might have acted unfairly towards them. Sumit Singh has been caught up between his love for Jenny Slatten and his traditional Indian parents since Day 1.

Although he catfished Jenney on Facebook, pretending to be an American, his love for Jenny is pretty strong. Jenny, and Sumit, 30, got into a relationship in 2012, so when the 61-year-old Palm Springs native boarded a plane to India the next year, things were likely to deteriorate.

Sumit’s parents claim Jenny introduced herself as their son’s Facebook friend visiting India, but the few days stay turned into four months. The significant age difference and Sumit sneaking upstairs to be with Jenny got on his parents’ nerves, which explains the grudge they still hold.

In the wake of these incidents, Sumit was married off in an arranged ceremony, which he kept from Jenny until her next India visit. With Sumit willing to divorce his wife, Jenny is hopeful that things will work out this time. Fans of the show, on the other hand, were left guessing about Jenny’s true intentions, specifically why she did not mention her 2013 trip to India on the show.

The pair reduced its Instagram activity during the mid-season finale of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, but recently Sumit shocked fans by sharing a selfie, where Jenny is seen wearing a ring. While fans thought it was an engagement ring, Sumit assumed they were referring to the ring he was wearing and replied, “I think a lot of people miss the part when Jenny was buying the ring for me coz it was in the special episode and they didn’t show it on tv.”


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This followed a big revelation that confirmed Jenny is not a scammer, contrary to speculations as Sumit wrote, “Same like Jenny’s casting video where she did say that she came to India in 2013 and stayed at my house for 4 months.” Responding to a fan’s question about why she did not reveal that she was in India before, Sumit replied, “she did.”

“At very first introduction video released by TLC,” the call center employee added. The aforesaid episode was allegedly released on the TLC app and not on television. Sumit said it wasn’t Jenny’s fault that a lot of people missed that episode.

“Now people are saying she hide it from everyone that she been to India in 2013.” Sumit went on to say fans can check that episode out on TLC Go, noting that they never showed it on TV, but it is on the app. Do you think Sumit blaming the 90 Day Fiance edit is concerning, considering that Jenny’s plot began with her talking about how she got catfished and then waiting for her visa to arrive so that she could visit Sumit, which gave their story a whole new direction?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Watch this space for more 90 Day Fiance news.

90 day fiance the other way sumit and jenny

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