Chiyaan Vikram Latest Interview In Mumbai For “I”

Chiyaan Vikram Latest Interview In Mumbai For "I"Mumbai: The cast and team of the very foreseen film “I” flew down to the city to dispatch the Hindi sound of the film today. The film’s executive Shankar was joined by on-screen character Vikram , A R Rahman and P.c Sreeram. The film’s heading woman amy Jackson gave the sound dispatch a miss. The occasion was at first accepted to be an unique 30 min selective review of the film, however there appeared to be some miscommunication between the movies marketing specialist in Mumbai and Chennai. Also no such 30 min sneak peak was screened.

After the movies trailer and three melodies Pookale, Ennodu Nee Irunthaal and Mersalayiten were screened in Hindi the cast and team made that big appearance to answer questions from the media. Chief Shankar uncovered that he had examined a scratch of the film with music executive A R Rahman 15 years back.

“I got the Idea  of the story of ‘I’ as a scratch 15 years ago. It was just a scratch that I developed in a good way within three years while making the film,” said the director. The trailer has been gotten exceptionally well by the gathering of people and has in excess of 5 million perspectives on YouTube. Indeed the commercial ventures’ notorious Ram Gopal Varma was all commendations for Shankar. On listening to this Shankar said, “I am happy that RGV liked the trailer, but I don’t have any opinions about his comments.” 

It was supposed that Aamir khan has been thrown in the continuation of ‘Robot’. Not one or the other affirming or denying anything, Shankar shrewdly avoided the inquiry saying “Let this film release first.” Vikram who has experienced thorough prepare and preparing for the different parts in the film uncovered that it took him 3 years to attain his Greek god body.

He said that each of his three parts in the film requested something altogether different from the other. He even dropped 25 kgs to assume the part of a model in the film. In spite of prevalent thinking, vikram said the eating methodology and activity were the most least demanding parts of the procedure. What was troublesome was his companions and relatives response to his uncommon weight reduction.

The performing artist thinks of it as a gift to play one as well as three out of the case parts in one film . he says, “I grew up doing plays in school. I’ve always wanted to do different grey characters. When my teachers asked me to play Julius Caesar, I wanted to play Brutus.” 

On the off chance that given an opportunity to reproduce any Bollywood part, vvkram uncovered that he would love to play Gabbar Singh played by Amjad Khan in ‘Sholay’. A R Rahman has at the end of the day worked his enchantment in the film. It took him only one week to create the music, in the wake of getting the concise. The maestro says 2014 has been one of the happiest years of his life, as he’s chipped away at 12 separate movies including three Hollywood movies. At the point when gotten some information about his late choice to attempt his hand at heading, AR Rahman said, “No directing, I am currently scripting a film, which I will also be co-producing.”

In the wake of observing the splendidly conceptualized tune groupings we can hardly wait to see what the last item looks like. The film is booked to discharge one year from now in January.

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