Braun Strowman AEW

Braun Strowman Debunks Rumors About Getting In Touch With AEW

Braun Strowman AEW

One of the biggest rumors doing the rounds online suggests that almost every WWE Superstar is getting in touch with AEW for a potential signing.

Braun Strowman was also speculated to be one of the WWE Superstars looking to contact AEW regarding a potential signing. Addressing the speculations doing the rounds online, Braun Strowman, the 6 feet 8 inches tall professional wrestler posted an Instagram Story calling these reports as “fake news” from “Dork Marksler.”

Meanwhile, WWE is reportedly gearing up to sign one of the most popular UFC fighters in MMA history, and fans are waiting with bated breath for the former UFC Champion’s next move. A top AEW star has slammed WWE for firing a veteran employee.

Dave Meltzer recently opened up on the Wrestling Observer Radio about every other WWE Superstar, except Roman Reigns had contacted people in AEW regarding an opportunity to work for the promotion.

“Roman Reigns is not going to AEW, not happening. Virtually everyone in WWE, including guys who have claimed different, at one point or another have called up people in AEW trying to see what they can get or have had an interest. But Roman Reigns, and there’s a couple of others, but Roman Reigns was basically, of the top guys, he was the only one who never even enquired. So he ain’t going anywhere,” Meltzer said.

Strowman’s name was also attached to the rumor. He recently reacted to a post by HeelByNature contributor Jake, touting the report as “fake news.” The SmackDown Superstar exchanged some messages with Jake, in which he revealed his frustration about the fake news doing the rounds online about him and other WWE Superstars.

Pro Wrestling journalist Tom Colohue tweeted that not many people in the WWE believe the rumor about professional wrestlers reaching out to WWE.

“Very few of the people within #WWE that I have spoken to support the rumor that practically everybody has contacted #AEW at some point. In fact, one personally openly told me that: “I don’t give a f— about AEW”

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