Bob Odenkirk Says Rhea Seehorn ‘Yelled’ At Him To ‘Stay On Earth’ During Heart Attack

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Bob Odenkirk recalled how his on-screen love interest, actress Rhea Seehorn yelled at him to stay on this earth when he got heart attack last year in July.

“I went down on one knee, and then I went all the way down. I guess I said, ‘I don’t feel very good”, he told Radio Times Monday. He began to share how Seehorn and his another co-star Patrick Fabian was with him during the incident.

He recalled how the actress “started yelling at me to stay on Earth.” He added, “I wasn’t breathing. I mean, if nobody had been there, if they didn’t do that CPR, I’d have been dead in a few minutes.”

Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn can be seen in the series, “Better Call Saul,” which is streaming on Netflix as well as on AMC+.

Considering the newly dropped episode, Seehorn has been getting praised for her performance. Here’s a glimpse  of her scene that fans has predicted to win her an Emmy.

Fans took to the comments section and shared their reactions.

One of the fans wrote, “I have never felt more sorry for a character in the breaking bad universe as much as Kim. This scene made me feel really depressed, especially the divorce paper signing scene” while another one added, “Truth. And acting wise (from a brief fail experience long ago lol), crying is hard enough let alone trying to simultaneously explosive cry and control the explosion of years of emotions because you’re in public. This is simply phenomenal.”

What do you think of her acting in the recent episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.




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