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‘AGT’: Simon Cowell Recovery Seems Faster Than Expected

simon cowell americas got talentSimon Cowell can work over 10,000 steps every day! Yes, a close source to America’s Got Talent judge revealed that after his accident, despite many reports claimed that Simon Cowell is still bedridden.

“He’s doing really well and is recovering well and ahead of what was expected,” the sources say of Cowell. “He’s doing over 10000 steps a day as well as swimming to get his back strong and healed again. He no longer needs to wear a back brace all the time.”

The 61-year-old judge broke his back after falling off from his new electric bike a couple of months ago. Cowell spent about six hours under surgery and had many fusions and procedures including a metal rod inserted in his back.

“He’s had a six-hour operation and he is already on his feet, which is above and beyond expectation, so I am thrilled,” Howie Mandel shared. “I love the guy, I miss the guy, and my hearts and minds are with him and each and every moment.”

Right after the accident took place, Heidi Klum opened up about the injury and said “Obviously we miss the boss. There is no one who could actually take his place, even though Kelly did absolutely amazing today. [She did] an amazing job and she had so much fun, but no one is like Simon. That is just the way it is.”

“I think that Simon is irreplaceable and Kelly was brilliant,” Mandel agreed. “She’s done it. She’s a pro. She brings something to the table. I would love to see Judge Judy. I love her judging. She’s honest, she says it like it is, and I would love to have her at the desk.”

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