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Adept Slams xQc Fans For Being Happy About His NoPixel GTA RP Ban

Adept has criticized fans of Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel who are happy that he has been banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server simply because they do not enjoy it.

xQc crossed quite a few lines, leading to his fifth ban from NoPixel’s GTA RP server on May 23. However, this time it looks as if he is gone for good, according to AuczarPlus.

Not only has the Canadian streamer popularized GTA RP, but also brought plenty of eyes to the server. On the downside, most of his interactions, particularly with the police, often got heated.

Summit1g and a few other streamers want him to make a return at some point but refrain from the criminal life. Some fans, who do not want him to go back, have even celebrated his ban. This is something Adept isn’t pleased with.

Following xQc’s ban, Adept slammed viewers who were actually happy that he got banned just because they did not enjoy the content. These fans wanted him to do something else.


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“I think it’s absolute f**king dog s**t trash that there are people a part of X’s community that are happy that he got banned,” she started.

“I think that is some fake love, weirdo s**t, that is probably due to weird-ass, underlying reasons and the fact that like ‘oh he’s not playing the things that I want him to play and the way I want him to play them, so I’m happy he doesn’t get to play them anymore.’

“Go f**k yourselves if you can hear this, that is some straight-up dog s**t trash and it’s 100% weird as f**k.”

Not every xQc fan is happy that he is no longer on NoPixel because he did a lot of entertaining moments. He recently apologized for what happened in the lead-up to his ban.

While it’s been deemed a permanent ban, we will have to wait and see if he gets another chance in the future.

Adept xQc

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