’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny Opens Up About Life In India With Sumit

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One of 90 Day Fiance’s fan-favorite cast members, Jenny Slatten opened up about her life with her boyfriend Sumit Singh in India. She also managed to impress the show’s viewers with her toned and long legs.

After fully recovering from COVID-19, Jenny Slatten is now giving her social media followers a glimpse of her new look. She also responded to questions about her life in India with Sumit.

Jenny and her boyfriend recently contracted the deadly coronavirus. The unmarried couple deteriorated to the point that they struggled to breathe.

The American grandma recently shared a picture collage with Sumit on Facebook. In one of these pictures, she showed off her slimmer physique and toned legs. Some female followers joked that they are jealous of her legs, and complimented her thinner figure.

“Look at those legs girl!!!! I’m trying to work on mine,” one fan wrote. Another commenter noted, “Jenny, I wish I had your nice-looking legs.”

A curious fan asked Jenny if she feels lonely in India and if she has friends there. Jenny replied that she misses the United States, but that she is also quite happy in India, ScreenRant reported. She also revealed that she has a female friend named Deepali and shared a few pictures with Deepali on Facebook.

In the photo, Jenny and Deepali are hugging each other tight giving big smiles to the camera. Jenny recently informed her fans that Southern areas of India had been hit by severe cyclonic storms, and though she and Sumit live in North India, they also suffered heavy rains and asked for prayers.

90 Day Bares All Jenny

90 Day Bares All Jenny

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