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‘Sister Wives’ Fan Calls Out Meri For Lying About Being Alone

Sister Wives viewer called out Meri Brown for lying to her fans. To recall, Sister Wives star Meri Brown took to her Instagram account recently to post a series of pictures with her BFF, and my ride or die, and good friend Jenn Sullivan.

Fans took to the comments section of her post to share positive responses. Moreover, fans were happy to see Meri enjoying her life.

Fan Accuses Meri Brown Of Lying About Being Alone & Miserable

However, one fan felt Meri actually pulled a fast one on her social media followers and fans recently. 

“So glad you have your BFF. However, when you did a segment on Sister Wives during pandemic… You said you were at your loneliness!” the fan wrote.


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“You had no one! I find that hard to believe! You have your business friends whom you travel with. Every picture you post is with all your various friends from all over. I am glad for your friends.. But don’t claim you are lonely!”

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According to the individual, Meri pretended to be alone and miserable amid the pandemic, despite having plenty of friends she could have spoken with.

Sister Wives Fans Defend Meri

However, many Sister Wives fans rushed to defend Meri, with one fan noting that you feel alone even when you are surrounded by people. Another fan noted that Meri wanted the love of her husband, Kody at the time. So, having all the friends in the world didn’t matter.

Further, the OP chimed in claiming that Meri made it appear like she had no one to lean on for support, as per a report by TC Shows Ace. “Yeah I knew this! Just saying..she has many people to comfort her,” the fan wrote.

Do you agree with the fan that busted Meri for lying or the ones that defended her? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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3 thoughts on “‘Sister Wives’ Fan Calls Out Meri For Lying About Being Alone”

  1. I honestly feel without your family and husbands you would be alone. Plus friends and others, six to eight feet apart with medical gloves on and not inside a closed building. Yes, that would very much be alone. She wasn’t living with anyone. It is a horrible feeling. I was with one person most ( not all the time) of the time. And I felt so alone.

  2. I am Happy to hear Meri is keeping herself busy, It is a terrible feeling to feel lonely and your loved ones are busy elsewhere, she has been through a lot and I applaud her strength. You go Meri!

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