90 Day Fiance's Darcey Silva, Georgi Rusev Call Off Their Engagement Second Time

90 Day Fiance’s Darcey Silva, Georgi Rusev Call Off Their Engagement Second Time

90 Day Fiance’s Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev called off their engagement for the second time during the season 3 finale of “Darcey & Stacey.”

“It was a decision that I made personally for myself, for my daughters,” Darcey told ET Monday. “And I took a stand because I felt like the relationship wasn’t moving in the right direction, from that point of being engaged, which happened in the summer, mind you, the tell-all was in the wintertime.”

“So there had been some time, and communication still wasn’t going well, there was a lot of things that just weren’t where they should have been,” she added. “And I take accountability where I do, but I just felt like for me, I needed to walk away. And once it left my mind, my body followed. And I hit my limit with him.”

“If I continue to do that, it’s just going to keep happening, I feel,” she explained. “And I want to keep my heart open for the right person. I’ll just get back up.”

“I just like I deserve much better,” she continued. “He was a great guy, I just want to move on and heal, and I wish him the same.”

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However, Darcey said that she didn’t regret Georgi’s second proposal in Miami.

“In that moment, I was surprised,” she said. “I mean, we had talked about possibly getting re-engaged in conversations that we’ve had. I just felt like we needed more time with the kids, to bond more as a family, to see what it would feel like, be like. Miami was going well, I was just concerned about money things. And I know we have love for each other, I think just wanted it to be right and real and authentic.”

“Georgi obviously has love in his heart for me, and same here,” she added. “Just, I think, that moment I was like really surprised, and I was happy because I also wanted my girls to know that I was happy, I wanted them happy as well. Because it’s not just me, it’s my daughters. And you know how he got emotional, it was a long day and we were living in the moment. So it was a beautiful moment, I’m glad the girls were a part of it, as well.”

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She admitted that money plays a huge role in a relationship.

“I mean, obviously money is always a factor in relationships and stuff. I have a specific kind of taste, and Georgi knows my style. … He knows I’m always wearing large diamonds and stuff like that. So when he gave it to me [my engagement ring], I was pleasantly surprised, but I wasn’t trying to think about the money aspect at that moment. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, I guess, in a sense.”

“But it was beautiful, it was a nice gesture, definitely my style and taste,” she continues of the sizable engagement ring. “And in the relationship, money’s a tough topic to discuss. But it definitely needs to be discussed at some point to go further in the relationship because it’s a big deal, I don’t want to be stuck with debt and stuff like that. But I just feel like he definitely knew my style, was just living in the moment and loving it.”

Stacey also spoke with ET and said that she wants the best for her twin.

“I’ve always wanted whoever Darcey wants to be with, I’m her number one supporter when it comes to her relationships. I really want to see her happy,” Stacey tells the outlet. “And with her relationship with Georgi, I mean, they had happy moments, they had great moments, but there was a lot of ups and downs too, so it was just hard to watch. And myself, my family, and our friends, we were the ones to voice our opinion, because we just wanted to make sure that she’ll be well taken care of one day.”

Darcey is looking forward to marrying the “right man” in the future.

“A wedding is definitely in my future,” she says. “I feel really excited for the future, I’m excited for where I’m at in life right now. People have their moments, people have to grow and learn. And I think, I’m here to really just stay open and stay authentic and real to who I am as a person, and a wife to eventually the right person. So, I feel that you guys will see in the future, how that kind of plays out. But I’m excited. I’m excited for the next steps ahead.”

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  1. She definately has a pattern of behavior that attracts,,,,even seeks out….toxic men. And she thinks that constantly changing her 50 year old body is going to attract a real and genuine love in her life. She also needs to think of her daughters who must face all the ridicule and snarkiness that “mom” brings to their lives. I think if she could learn to embrace and love herself …as she is, flaws and all, she may have a chance of attracting a genuine and decent guy. But if she remains phony and fake; that is what she will end up with in men.

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