’90 Day Fiance’: Yve & Mohamed Split Amid Cheating Scandal

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90 Day Fiance stars Yve and Mohamed have gone their separate ways. Their relationship was subject to domestic violence allegations and more.

In a police report (via PEOPLE), the Albuquerque Police Department charged Yve with Battery and Assault Against a Household Member, as a result of an alleged altercation with Mohamed. 

However, Yve’s reps are denying these allegations of abuse, deeming them “false” and made up by her now-estranged husband in a bid to avoid deportation.

“What Mohamed did is he created these false accusations so that just in case Yve wasn’t going to stick around he would have a backup plan which was the U-Visa. That way, he would stay in the U.S. and not get deported,” A rep for Dominton Talent House, which represents Yve, tells ET. “There is no proof of Mohamed’s domestic violence allegations against Yve. From my understanding, there is footage from Yve’s home that night, and there isn’t really anything that came of it. It’s just a really strange scenario.”

The alleged altercation took place after Mohamed was accused of cheating on Yve. She found text messages between Mohamed and another woman.

Yve Vs. Mohamed

Mohamed eventually admitted that he met someone online who was “very nice” and initially thought they were just “friends.”

Moreover, Mohamed claimed that he told the woman to stop texting him since he was married, noting that he still loved Yve.

Mohamed indicated that he was only using Yve for a green card in the alleged text messages. “I would just keep you in bed for days,” one of the alleged texts from Mohamed reads.


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“I texted these women and told them, ‘I am a married man. Please stop texting me,'” Mohamed claimed. “I know I did wrong,” he said. “I told the same story to my wife and promised her that it will never happen again. He added, “I do love Yve, and she doesn’t deserve that.”

Yve said she saw “inappropriate” pictures and calls. “You know, it’s very shocking, raw, disappointing, saddening, he spent his time focused on starting other relationships, engaging in activity a married man should not be engaging in,” she told the cameras.

Yve Thank Fans For Their Support

She later thanked fans for their support in Instagram Stories. 

“Thank you ladies for sharing your stories of infidelity, heartaches & pain,” she wrote. “Obviously, we are not alone. Why commitment for some isn’t a commitment. There’s lots of healing that needs to happen in this world on so many levels. If you don’t want to be exclusive just say so, so people can make their own informed decisions …”

Mohamed, on the other hand, claimed in his own Instagram Story that he trying to end his relationship with Yve “with respect.”

“A lot of people asking why I’m not saying my part of the story, that’s because I was trying my best to end my relationship with respect, that’s all,” he wrote.

Yve’s rep said, “it will most likely be a divorce.”

“That’s most likely what it is looking to now. However, because now, he is bringing up all these false accusations and allegations, the timeline of when that is going to happen varies.”

Yve will be appearing in court over these domestic violence charges Sept. 6. However, it is unclear when divorce proceedings between her and Mohamed will being.

“We are just as shocked as everyone else because Yve has never hit him or abused him in any way so none of us are sure where this is coming from,” the source adds.

Are you taken aback by Yve and Mohamed’s split? Let us know in the comments below. 

Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano

4 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’: Yve & Mohamed Split Amid Cheating Scandal”

  1. Maria Olivia Zamora

    I think we all knew that Yve was kidding herself into thinking Mohamed really loved her. Her friends warned her. He was only in it for the green card. His mother subtly told him to behave when he spoke to her. In other words, don’t blow it! I feel bad for Tharan, Yve’s son, who really loved him! Back to Egyptland you go Sonny!

  2. Love is blind but the neighbors ain’t. Everyone warned her she just didn’t want to listen. He will take all your money kick you out of your own house. Now you have to support him for the next 10 years. I better not have one cent of my tax dollars support that idiot. Because you wouldn’t listen to reason and logic. Your stupid move is gonna cost us taxpayers money.

  3. Mohammed just exposed those that just want to get to America for a green card. Even though everyone is not the same, on the show itself he eluded to the fact by offering to get another sponsor. That should have been RED FLAGS to Yve.

  4. Yve needs good Attorney’s and go after TLC. and that Egyption dude. He had this planned out. TLC is always looking for Ratings.

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