’90 Day Fiance’: Syngin Reveals He’s On A Dating App, Tania Is Hurt

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90 Day Fiance star Syngin told Tania that he is on a dating app, and as expected, she is not happy.

Syngin and Tania from 90 Day Fiance are currently involved in a complicated split. Now, an exclusive clip from Friday’s 90 Day: The Single Life, shows Syngin awkwardly admitting to telling Tania he is on a dating app.

Tania Reacts To Syngin Joining A Dating App

Tania is understandably not ok with Syngin joining a dating app, considering that they are still living together. In other words, she isn’t taking the news well.

In October, Syngin and Tania revealed that they have called it quits after four years together. The duo tied the knot during the 90 Day Fiance appearance. Syngin moved to Connecticut from South Africa to be with Tania.

However, they decided to end their relationship after Syngin told Tania that he did not want to have children. Despite their split, the pair are still living together until Syngin finds a place on his own.

Tania Reminds Syngin They’re Still Living Together

In the aforesaid clip, Tania asks Syngin how would he react if he finds out that she was on a dating app. Aside from that, she reminds him that they are not actually separated yet, ET reported.

“We’re still married, and we’re cooking together, cleaning, crying, arguing, sleeping together, having s-x,” she tells him. However, Syngin says they are just “roommates with benefits.”

In her confession, she admits that “It hurts.” “We’re still married. We’re husband and wife and that’s like, what it is. Yeah, we’re in the process of separation but we’re not actually separated nor divorced yet.”

Syngin later reveals that a former co-worker found his profile on the dating app and asked hihttps://www.wittyscoop.com/entertainment/tv/m to meet up for drinks. However, Tania isn’t ok with him going on date since they are still living together.

“I am unsure in this relationship, like the longer it’s taking us to break up, the more insane, the more confused I get,” Syngin hits back.

 “It’s not the longer it takes for us to break up, it’s the longer it takes you to move out,” replies Tania. New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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