90 day fiance sasha and emily

90 Day Fiance Stars Emily And Sasha Are Expecting Baby Number Two

90 Day Fiance cast members Emily McCue and Sasha Larina have shared a major life update with their fans. The couple was previously considered the least likely to succeed during season 7 of the reality show, but things have changed drastically since then.

Emily met Sasha when she was teaching English in Russia, which is quite far from her hometown of Portland, Ore.

Fans didn’t seem to support their relationship initially because Sasha was married to someone else at the time he met Emily.

Moreover, Sasha had two children from two different women when Emily revealed that they were expecting their first child together. In 2018, the couple welcomed their son, David, putting a lid on speculations surrounding their marriage, per SoapDirt.

In May 2021, the pair announced that they were planning on moving to Russia. They hoped to live a life there similar to the one they led before Sasha moved to the US with Emily. That’s not the only announcement they want to make.

Sasha and Emily are expecting baby number two. Taking to her Instagram account on June 8, Emily shared the good news. The reality TV star said she was planning to wait a little longer before announcing the exciting news, but since her husband already posted a pic in his IG Story, tagging her, she decided to make the announcement now.

“It is true! We are expecting a baby in January 2022,” Emily captioned the picture. The announcement was accompanied by a photo of their son David, who is wearing a shirt that reads, “Promoted to Big Brother.”

Emily explained why David was wearing a shirt that revealed the big news saying, “So, funny story.”
“My son got car sick on our way from Oregon to Idaho. I searched for a fresh shirt but no luck. I wasn’t going to go dig in the [U Haul]. I found the big brother shirt still in its package and just put it on him. I should have told Sasha no pictures.” Well, too late now!

90 day fiance sasha and emily

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