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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Varya Malina Talks About ‘Prey Pretending’ Dating Strategy

Varya Malina of “90 Day Fiance” reflected on the difference between American and Russian women and how they date differently.

Malina, 32, took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a candid photo of herself. In the caption, she wrote, “What’s the difference between American and Russian women? From my personal observation, Americans are definitely more initiative in relationships.”

She went on to explain, “Many Eastern European women prefer playing a coy—“a prey pretending” strategy in order to lure men. So we evoke a natural hunting instinct and leave it up to a guy to approach us. In a Russian reality, men make the first step or, at least they think they do.”

However, she admitted that geography changes how people react to situations.

“But in a different part of the world, the rules are different. It’s harder for men to know how to behave on dates in the era of the #MeToo movement,” she added. “They are extra cautious and even would rather to be approached by a confident woman.”

“I often hear from girls: “It’s time for men to ‘man up!’”. So, let them do it; don’t steal their opportunity to show the men’s nature,” she wrote. “In order to avoid confusion, I should say that I think relationships work best when the guy has his hands on the steering wheel. But the girl shouldn’t be just a passenger, she should be a co-captain helping navigate the relationships along the way.”

She concluded her post with a question, “What’s your opinion on the subject? Have you ever made the first step towards to a man?”

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