90 Day Fiance Natalie Mike

’90 Day Fiance’: Natalie Asks Mike What His IQ Was, Noting That Hers Was High

90 Day Fiance Natalie Mike

90 Day Fiance‘s Natalie moved to rural Sequim, Washington, from Ukraine to be with Mike, but things aren’t going as planned.

90 Day Fiance‘s Sunday episode showed that the pair is still arguing, with Natalie making some very harsh comments. In the aforesaid episode, Natalie pushed Mike to eat a healthier diet. Mike agreed to not eating meat for a week, but Natalie stops him from eating pasta at night and insists he steamed the rice instead of making a stir fry.

Much to his chagrin, Natalie stops Mike from having a beer too. “I would like when I say, ‘Michael, can you please don’t do this,’ he would listen, but, Mike is a very stubborn man,” she told the cameras.

“She just says some things that are, like, hurtful. Like, how she wants to work on losing weight and stuff. It just seems like it’s a battle, you know?” Mike noted. As they continued snapping at one another, Mike refuses to tell Natalie where her engagement ring was when she tells him she was looking for it.

Natalie goes on to accuse Mike of not respecting her and punishing her for giving back the ring. Later, she asks him what his IQ was, claiming that hers was “high.” Mike reveals that he never took one, giving her a chance to point out their differences, and asks him if he has ever been to a museum without her taking him.

“You acted very differently then, from now,” she said, recalling their happier times. “Low class?” Mike claps back saying, “What do you know about low class?” to which Natalie replied, “I live in it now.”

Moreover, Natalie calls Mike a “low-class drunk man,” and asked him not to touch her. “You talk about this class, what class do you fit in?” he asked her.

“What are you doing? … Why do you put yourself on a pedestal? What makes you better than anyone else?” Breaking down in tears, Natalie tells the cameras that she might go back to Ukraine soon.

“We don’t respect each other,” she said. “When we were far away from each other, it was one way, and now that I arrive, and I realize he’s like this. And I don’t like how he treats me, it’s not OK. It’s not a happy life, it’s a disaster.”

In a dramatic preview, Mike appears to send Natalie home as she cries and calls him a “monster.” Stay tuned here for the latest 90 Day Fiance news.

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