’90 Day Fiance’: Mike Has A New Girlfriend After Ximena Split, IG Post Suggests

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90 Day Fiance star Mike Berk moved on from Ximena Morales after a nasty split and allegedly has a new girlfriend. However, details are still scarce.

Despite Ximena Morales admitting that she didn’t love him, Mike Berk spared no effort to be with his girlfriend on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. However, when he called her out for using him for money, she broke up with him.

Even the other 90 Day Fiance cast members urged Mike to leave Ximena alone during the Tell-All. They advised him to find another girl who will treat him better.

Following the couple’s trip to Cartagena, Ximena has been sharing pictures of a new man on her Instagram account. Likewise, the word on the street is that Mike has a new girlfriend, but is it true?

Mike Berk Has A New Girlfriend After Ximena Split?

Mike has been urging his IG followers to share only positive things in his comments section because he isn’t willing to take negativity any longer. Now, the reality personality has been sharing some head-turning posts on his social media account lately. 

In one of his recent videos, Mike tells his followers that it was a great day for a ride. He stops the bike to say, “Te Amo” and makes a heart with his hands. Moreover, he used the hashtag “Mi Amore Terno” in the post.

The comments section was soon teeming with questions. One curious fan asked, “What does your post mean though? You found true love? I hope. You’re the best, Mike!”

Another commenter asked, “Who are you loving, Mikey?” A third one chimed in with, “I hope this means you have found a woman to love you for you and not what you can buy her.” 

Some of his followers asked if Mike got therapy after the nasty split from Ximena, according to a report by Daily Soap Dish. Apparently, these fans believe getting therapy after the breakup is important for him before he starts dating another woman. 

Fans were split over his new relationship. Some fans were happy that he has moved on from his ex-girlfriend, while others felt it was too soon for him to get into another relationship. 

Watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

ximena and mike - 90 day fiance

4 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’: Mike Has A New Girlfriend After Ximena Split, IG Post Suggests”

  1. I am looking for a fiance my name is Jacqueline Petto from Botswana ?? I am looking for serious relationship.i wish to meet him a white guy from overseas.

  2. I pray you start or have started to realize your value and worth.You are a important man and deserve to be with a lady who sees this about you. Being a good soul is a gift for another person to share with you.

  3. JoEllen Schupmann

    I always thought Mike was showering her w/way too many gifts way too early in the relationship. I think he was desperate to have someone to love him.Sorry that didn’t work out.My heart broke for Mike! I wish them both the best life has to offer.

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