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’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny Repulses Fans And Sahna With Her Bad Manners

Jenny Slatten of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way grossed out her future mother-in-law by blowing her nose and then putting the used tissue on her plate.

90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten gave TLC viewers a grand tour of her dirty kitchen, much to their chagrin. As if that weren’t enough, the reality TV star disgusted them, as well as Sumit Singh’s mother, Sahna with her grossest habit.

Jenny and Sumit are currently living together in India. The May-December couple has a reputation for documenting their cooking chronicles on social media platforms. However, the viewers never noticed how dirty their kitchen was until Sahna pointed that out to Jenny.

Aside from being dirty, the kitchen was teeming with mosquitoes, exposing Jenny’s shabby lifestyle. In episode 9 of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, Jenny managed to gross out TLC viewers by doing something truly repulsive.

Sumit thinks Sahna living with them in their home is a golden opportunity since pleasing her mother is essential if they want to tie the knot. However, Sahna thinks Jenny is stubborn and immature, per ScreenRant.

Much to her chagrin, Sahna found out that Jenny doesn’t know how to cook or even keep the house clean. Now, she claims that it is too late for her to learn anything. To make things worse, Jenny blew her nose in a tissue and put it on her food plate.

Jenny Is Upset About Sahna’s Intervention

The American meemaw was offended when Sahna pointed out that looked like Sumit’s grandmother. “It’s my house. We’re not going to do this,” she said and went on to blow her nose.

“This is so unhygienic. It’s not right,” Sahna remarked. She then advised them to throw that plate away. Meanwhile, Sumit and Sahna asked Jenny to throw the tissue in a dustbin, which she did after expressing extreme anger.

90 Day Fiance viewer on Reddit, u/98221-poppin, shared the screenshots from the episode and wrote, “I am SO with mama Sumit on this! I’m TRULY grossed out, screaming in disgust, by Jenny’s lack of manners.”

The TLC fan believes Sahna is right that it is too late for Jenny to develop new habits. Fans are understandably surprised since this side of the Palm Springs resident was never showcased on TV during 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s earlier seasons.

Sahna has opened the eyes of those who felt sorry for Jenny initially through her realistic assessment of the situation. Jenny was told to blow her nose in the bathroom next time, flush the paper and then wash her hands. 

Let us know what do you think about Jenny’s dirty kitchen and bad habits in the comments section below. 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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