’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Slam Angela For Claiming She Didn’t Use Filters On Her Selfies [Photo]

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90 Day Fiance fans who hate fakery are calling out Angela Deem for scamming. TLC viewers are roasting her no-makeup selfie!

Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance spared no effort in a bid to change the way she looks. As part of her plan, she had some plastic surgery, despite her husband Michael’s protest.

Apparently, Micheal believed having plastic surgery to look younger was a waste of money. Now, some hawk-eyed 90 Day Fiance viewers claim that she is putting her excess weight back on.

TLC viewers have a reputation for disliking fake and despising scams. On May 3, Angela came under fire from her social media followers after she posted a couple of photos of herself.

Angela has been acting like a single lady and sharing multiple partying photos and videos on her social media account. While she did not allow Michael to even look at other women, Angela didn’t shy away from hanging out with mystery men.

Angela Deem Receives Backlash For Using Filters For Her Instagram Posts

Evidently, Angela didn’t like her “turkey gobble” and her wrinkles. So, she started using filters to enhance her selfies before posting them to IG. In her latest post, Angela promoted a skincare brand.

She spoke about the “difference” in her skin after she started using it. She shared before and after photos of her face, claiming that they had “zero filters” on them.


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A post shared by Angela Deem (@deemangela)

Angela went on to say, “look how amazing my skin looks! No filters, no apps, no makeup!” Furthermore, she offered a notable 50 percent discount to her followers who would like to have “fresh and youthful” skin like her.

However, 90DF fans aren’t willing to believe her “after” photo was not the result of filters or fillers, as per a report by ScreenRant. “Stop smoking, u feel and look better,” wrote a fan. “No filter ??? Lmfao !!!”

Another fan accused her of retouching her face in a skincare promo because even her ad shape had changed along with her skin. A third one pointed out that Angela was wearing the same jewelry in both pictures. So, there’s no way that there was a 60-day gap between when the two photos were captured.

However, some of her fans felt she was looking “absolutely beautiful” and “totally amazing” due to her skincare routine. Many even expressed interest in buying the product as well.

What do you think about Angela’s before and after photos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance.

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1 thought on “’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Slam Angela For Claiming She Didn’t Use Filters On Her Selfies [Photo]”

  1. Patricia Burgese

    Losing all that weight she would have lines on her face. So she did use filters

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