90 Day Fiance Andrei and Elizabeth

’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Say Jen and Charlie Are Jealous Of Andrei and Elizabeth’s Extravagant Moldovan Wedding

90 Day Fiance Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei and Elizabeth hosted an awe-inspiring Moldovan wedding on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? leaving Elizabeth’s family stunned, and fans happy to see them in a state of shock.

Fans have watched Elizabeth and Andrei all season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? as they plan their second wedding in Chisinau. Following a small ceremony in Florida, Andrei wanted everyone including his friends, family, and his parents to participate in the celebration.

They flew to Moldova and hosted a lavish event in a very short time with the help of Andrei’s brother. Elizabeth’s family, which has been nothing but critical of Moldova from the start, has called it a poverty-stricken and dangerous country.

As soon as they arrived, they started complaining about the weather and the cuisine, going as far as calling it “peasant food.” In other words, they weren’t expecting much from this Moldovan wedding.

The Sept. 13 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Elizabeth and Andrei’s wedding. Once the traditional church ceremony was over, the families headed straight to the reception hall, where live entertainment and dancers were present on stage to greet them.

On top of that, the venue was teeming with flowers and ample food, with Andrei and Elizabeth looking picture perfect in the middle of this lavish backdrop. As expected, Elizabeth’s family was shocked at the grandeur of it all.

“Andrei and Libby’s wedding is so over-the-top,” her sister Jen admits in a confessional. She goes on to say that they described the reception to be low-key and everything, but it turned out to be exactly the opposite of what she originally said it was going to be.

Jen says that looking at the grand reception, she realized that the couple has spent all the money her father gave them on hosting a lavish party. “I’ve never been to a wedding reception that they bring out dancers and they go crazy,” Jen admitted.

Elizabeth’s father, Chuck told the producers that the reception was nothing short of a show, adding that “like, they know how to party.” Elizabeth’s mom, Pam also admits that she wasn’t expecting the wedding to be so nice.

After watching Elizabeth’s family trash Moldova throughout the season, fans were understandably happy to see the shock on their faces. Many accused her siblings, Jen and Charlie of being jealous of their sister over money, rather than being happy for her on her big day.

On a Reddit thread discussing their reaction, a fan wrote, “Jen was jealous of the big fancy wedding, but she still was in awe of everything.”

“Charlie could only sit there and seethe in his resentment of Andrei and Elizabeth and everything daddy didn’t give him,” the user suggested. Another fan said the poorest Moldovan attending the reception had 10x more class and grace than the entire family Libby combined.

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  1. It kills me that he doesn’t want anyone to be rude to his family, but the way her treats her family is like a bank. He is lazy and refuses to work. Granted, his parents should be shown respect, as should hers. Her family has done a lot for him and he appreciates none of it! It is just expected. Like the 50K for the Moldovan wedding, so he could show off to his friends.

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