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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Discover A Clue That Kim & Usman Are Still Dating [Watch]

Kim Menzies from 90 Day Fiance has dropped a major hint about still dating Usman “Sojaboy” Umar. Fans are happy that they are still together.

90 Day Fiance viewers didn’t expect Kim Menzies’ relationship with Sojaboy to last. However, Kim recently dropped a clue that she is still dating the Nigerian rapper.

Kim flew to Tanzania to meet Sojaboy in 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 5. Sojaboy was filming a music video for his song “Zara” at the time. 

He invited Kim to Tanzania after meeting her online. However, he did not tell her that the song was about his ex-girlfriend, Zara.

Kim was furious after Usman revealed this to her. It was revealed in the Tell-All episode that Sojaboy had a flirtatious call with his ex-girlfriend soon after Kim left Tanzania.

Kim eventually saw the clip of Sojaboy calling Zara, and angrily left the reunion. Morever, his former partner Lisa “Babygirl” Hamme claimed that Sojaboy filmed the show with Kim because he needed someone to fill in for Zara.

Kim Drops A Clue About Still Dating Sojaboy

Despite all the challenges, it looks like Kim and Sojaboy are still dating, as per a report by ScreenRant. 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 3 alum Akinyi Obala recently posted a video to Instagram with Kim.

Kim dropped a comment suggesting that she is still dating Usman. In the video, Akinyi and her husband, Benjamin Taylor are hanging out with Kim.


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They call Sojaboy at the end of the video, and his face is briefly shown on screen. Sojaboy took to the comments section to note that the outing was “amazing.” 

Further, he added that he wished he could have been there. Kim replied to the comment by saying, “well you kind of were babe” with a heart emoji. 

Akinyi said that she and Benjamin hope to see him “next time.” Some fans believe this is proof that Kim and Usman are apparently still together.

However, many were confused to see that Kim and Sojaboy appear to be together. Kim and Sojaboy haven’t officially confirmed they are still together. 

Also, they haven’t revealed whether they want to get married and bring Sojaboy to the States. More details are likely to surface in the coming days.

Watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

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