90 Day Fiance Evelyn Cormier and David Vazquez Zermeno

‘90 Day Fiance’: Evelyn Cormier & David Vazquez Zermeno Finalize Their Divorce

90 Day Fiance stars Evelyn Cormier and David Vazquez Zermeno have finalized their divorce. The pair announced their split 5 months ago. 

On April 22, a judge signed off the legal paperwork, making their divorce official. To recap, Cormier filed for divorce five months ago. 

At the time, the TLC personality described their relationship as toxic. “I’ve endured mental and emotional abuse because of a passionless, sexless and narcissistic relationship,” Cormier explained.

“This is a good reminder that not everything you see on social media is reality.”


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However, Zermeno denied her allegations. The 30-year-old reality TV star told In Touch: “Out of respect to our marriage that lasted four years, I wish not to disclose any more details.”

The duo made its first appearance during season 5 of 90 Day Fiance and tied the knot in October 2017. Cormier had addressed split speculations after fans pointed out the onscreen trobled marriage.

“There’s been a lot of rumors and a lot of comments. David is a very private person and I just try to respect that. My page is mostly for my music,” she said in an Instagram video.

Getting candid about her decision to call it quits, Cormier said, “I knew immediately that I had made a really big mistake and I had to live with that.”

“I married David when I was only 18. I think that I felt like, 18 is young but my parents did it. It worked out for them. I know that it’s okay to have issues in your relationship but I was just blinded.”

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