’90 Day Fiance’: Details About Natalie’s 2nd Ex-Husband Finally Revealed

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90 day fiance Natalie Mordovtseva

90 Day Fiance viewers know about Natalie’s first husband Zenon Pieridies, but the TLC star once spoke about her second ex-hubby before meeting Mike, and details about him are still kept under wraps.

In the eighth season of 90 Day Fiance, viewers witnessed unending fights between Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva, a sign of their crumbling relationship. With Natalie constantly complaining, the pair has hardly seen moments of happiness, but did Natalie behave the same way with her two previous husbands?

ScreenRant recently spilled the beans on Natalie’s second Ukrainian former spouse, whom she married after calling it quits with her first husband, Zenon Pierides. Speaking to Mike, Natalie had mentioned that her heart was broken during her last marriage. Mike, who was in Kyiv at the time to visit Natalie and her mother, met Natalie’s best friend Sveta, who hinted at the Ukrainian reality TV star’s past.

Natalie did not reveal then that the man she was referring to was actually her second ex-husband, however, she said she met him in Ukraine through friends. The screen flashes with images of her second husband, who was a frequent traveler. She even confessed that even after eight years of marriage, they didn’t have children.

“I wanted to have a child, I want to have a family,” she said, adding that it was “hard” when she left him but said it was the right decision. Back then, Mike had been divorced for two years, just like Natalie, and assured her that they will soon have kids.

Natalie 1st ex husband

In the 90 Day Fiance season seven episode, Natalie gets angry at Mike for bringing up her second husband by asking if she “used to do this all the time with your ex-husband.” Natalie describes her ex-husband as a tough army officer, who was a good partner to her.

Although the man was sporty like Natalie, she realized something was missing and the connection they used to have wasn’t there anymore. “Because the subject of kids was moved for years, I realized that I should leave him,” Natalie said.

90 Day Fiance fans did not hear about f Natalie’s second ex-husband after that on the TLC show, but some hawk-eyed fans found about her first ex-husband, Zenon Pierides.

Natalie ex husband

He was from Cyprus. Natalie stayed with him in Cyprus while they were married, 90DayTheMelanatedWay claims he left him and moved back to Ukraine after he filed for bankruptcy.

Mike’s debt was a major worry for him during the seventh season of 90 Day Fiance, however, the question of his finances has been raised in season eight. While Natalie has previously called Mike low class and accused him of having a low IQ than her, it appears that he ticked all the right boxes in the end.

90 Day Fiance season eight spoilers suggest Natalie and Mike tied the knot in Mar. 2020. Watch this space for the latest reality show news.

90 day fiance Natalie Mordovtseva

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