90 Day Fiance Liz and Big Ed

’90 Day Fiance’ Co-Stars Accuses Big Ed Of ‘Using’ Liz

“90 Day Fiance” spinoff “90 Day: The Single Life” stars accused Big Ed Brown of using fiancée Liz Woods.

“You’re not in love with her, you’re using her. You are desperate,” Debbie Johnson told him in the segment. “Everybody knows that. You don’t love anybody except yourself.”

Johnson directly addressed Woods directly and asked, “Liz, were you aware, those six months that he was getting his brain together, that he was out sniffing around for someone that would appreciate him and say yes?”

“The only reason he wasn’t with those women is because he turned them down,” Johnson added.

Stephanie Matto also shared thoughts on Brown breaking up with Woods for the first time.

“He was blasted all over the internet for it,” Matto said. “He came back crying and he gave her the biggest gift he could think of, and that was an engagement. And that’s how he got her back. It’s basically a bribe.”

“No one can tell you who to love,” Brown said.

Even fans took to Twitter last week to share their reaction.

“What a creepy way to brag about the price of a ring/ make a woman feel indebted to you,” one of the viewers wrote.

Another viewer wrote, “So are we done with Liz and Ed? Especially Ed? The storyline is old and overrated. Like we literally don’t care anymore.”

A viewer commented, “The way Ed spoke to her in that voicemail. Could NEVER be me. Liz also sounds super manipulative talking about cutting people out of their lives.”

What do you think about Brown’s attitude towards Liz? Let us know in the comments section below. For more updates on “90 Day Fiance,” keep watching this space.

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