90 Day Fiance Brittany Yazan

’90 Day Fiance’: Brittany Banks’ Dad Makes Shocking Claims About Yazan

90 Day Fiance Brittany Yazan

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way was teeming with drama due to the fallout of couples like seasons of the entire franchise, and it’s thanks to the continued fallout of couples like Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira.

Like several couples on the hit reality show, Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira have continually posted about each other on social media platforms. Keeping in line with that, Brittany’s father Greg Banks has revealed some shocking pieces of information about their relationship.

Greg made his first appearance on 90 Day FiancĂ©: The Other Way as Brittany’s always-smiling father. He did not open up about his thoughts about Yazan on the series, but now the floodgates are open and he alleged a myriad of things about Yazan that were previously kept under the wraps.

“@Yazan_abuhurira you owe my family more than 7,000 [dollars] and you say my daughter used you. You asked her to lie about you not knowing she was married to protect you from your grandfather,” he wrote on Instagram Story.

“It was really a scheme to paint her as a liar. You had been trying to get to America since you met my family. Let’s start telling the truth. I paid for her flights because you promised to but instead spent the money drinking and partying with your boyfriend Muhammad.”

“And you promised to pay me back and never have done so. Yazan I find it comical you have nothing good to say about my daughter when you cheated on her constantly. “

“She has never said a word. You have stolen money from her she has never said a word. You have been violent toward her and she has not said a word.”

“She has loved you even to protect you now. But I don’t owe you any loyalty and you don’t deserve any from Brittany. You are a useless man and have been one since I met you. That’s why I did not approve of you in the end.”

Greg Banks made these remarks following a recent live stream by Yazan. It seems Greg has had enough of Yazan telling of the relationship and has decided to divulge details that were previously speculated. Brittany has posted similar claims about Yazan, but they were backed by evidence.

There has been a clear contrariety as to whether or not Yazan told Brittany that she would need to give up her career and convert to Islam. Brittany, on the other hand, did not tell Yazan that she was still married though she and her father Greg have both said on the record it was a lie for the show to avoid trouble for him and his family.

Though there hasn’t been any sort of confirmation from either side, it looks like Brittany and Yazan are no longer a couple. If recently surfaced reports are anything to go by, Yazan has a new girlfriend but has remained mum about his new relationship.

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