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’90 Day Fiance’: Ariela’s Ex-Husband Leandro Awkwardly Claims He Knows How Many Kids She Wants

90 Day Fiance star Biniyam Shibre and his wife Ariela’s ex-Husband Leandro got into an awkward argument about how many kids she wanted.

Ariela’s close relationship with her ex-husband is causing issues between her and Biniyam. On the latest episode of  90 Day Fiance, both Biniyam and Leandro went to buy her a pregnancy test together after she faced a pregnancy scare.

Biniyam is understandably not OK with his future wife’s close relationship with her ex-husband, Leandro. However, she still invited him to help her go wedding dress shopping. 

Leandro came to go dress shopping on Sunday’s episode, but Ariela was feeling nauseous. Leandro awkwardly asked her when was the last time she got her period and if they were trying to have another baby. 

However, Leandro backed down after Bini refused to talk about personal family issues with him. He volunteered to go with Biniyam to get her a pregnancy test because Biniyam couldn’t drive.

Biniyam Shibre & Ari’s Ex-Husband Discuss How Many Kids She Wants

“All right then, my future husband and my ex-husband are going to buy me the pregnancy test,” she commented. “I think I’m just going to go back to bed because I lose at life.”

Leandro and Biniyam’s outing together was nothing short of awkward. In fact, they both described it as “weird.” 

Biniyam admitted that he wouldn’t mind if Ariela was pregnant again during the car ride. He went on to say that he would be happy with 10 babies, but Leandro was stunned. Leandro didn’t think Ariela wanted 10 babies. 

“I think you don’t know her,” Biniyam shot back. “Maybe before, like when she was with you, maybe she doesn’t think about a baby.”

Leandro responded, “It’s true that the relationship is different but I don’t think she wants to have 10 babies. We can ask her.”

After getting back to their apartment, Leandro asked her how many kids she wanted in the future and she said maybe one more. So, she was understandably shocked when Bini said he wanted 10 babies.

“Looks like my ex-husband knows me more than my future husband,” Ariela cracked.

Ariela didn’t end up being pregnant, as per an ET report. Nevertheless, she was alarmed that she and her future husband didn’t agree on a major part of their future.

“We’ve been together almost three years,” she said. “You think Bini would’ve told me this before we were right about to get married. That’s kind of like a dealbreaker. These fundamental things that are so important that we just don’t agree on, it’s like, how do we get past that?”

“You and me, we want different things,” she told him. “You want more kids, I don’t want more kids. I don’t get along with your family, you’re not happy about Leandro. Sometimes I think you and me are really, really different and it’s gonna be so hard to stay together.”

Biniyam responded, “If you’re scared about the future, I don’t know why you’re marrying me.”

“Neither of us are excited to get married with the way things are right now,” she admitted to the cameras. “And based on the last 60 days, there’s no indication that we’re going to make a significant change before time runs out.”

What do you think about Leandro’s awkward involvement in Bini and Ari’s life ahead of their impending marriage? Let us know in the comments below. Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!

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