90 day fiance Ariela

’90 Day Fiance’: Ariela Explains Why She Wanted Biniyam To Walk Home With Their New Born Son While She Took A Car

90 day fiance Ariela

90 Day Fiance: In last night’s episode fans watched the delivery of Ariela and Biniyam’s son Aviel.

The couple wasn’t expecting to meet their baby that day, but at a routine checkup, Ariela was told that her amniotic fluid was low and that the baby would have to be delivered immediately.

Post-delivery, Ariela told Biniyam to walk home with Aviel while she took a car as she felt that Aviel would be safer in his father’s arms than he would be in a car without a car seat. Biniyam opposed her decision but eventually, Ariela won the argument, making the fans unhappy.

The viewers condemned Ariela for the so-called “illogical decision” of her’s on her Instagram account. One user said that it was not right to let the man walk home in the heat with a newborn.

Ariela reacted to the criticism by sharing a story on her Instagram account which explains why a walk was safer for baby Aviel than a drive. She wrote that she was upset with the official 90 Day page claiming that she made Biniyam walk home in hot weather.

She explained that they lived two blocks from the hospital on a pedestrian road and the weather in Addis is always comfortable at around 70 degrees. She also explained that travel by car was unsafe as she was hit from behind.

Although Biniyam is liked by the viewers, Ariela has been slammed and didn’t receive the same level of appreciation. Regardless of the criticism, Ariela does have fans who defend her from the critics.

One fan wrote that Americans will insult an international spouse for choosing to live in the US, turn around, and insult both couples for choosing to live in another country. Let people live a happy life whenever they choose. Love and happiness always win.

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  1. Ariela! Did you even consider that Bini could have tripped or fallen and the newborn baby go flying?? Or they could have been hit by a car! What were you thinking?? Don’t be obtuse and don’t think the viewers are so stupid as to your reasons. If you were concerned you could have found a way to strap the baby in to the car; heavily swaddled….and all would go well for two blocks! You just don’t THINK, girl!!

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