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’90 Day Fiance’: Angela Reacts To The Backlash She Received, Calls Her Fans ‘Idiots’

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem continues to draw flak for calling her critics idiots and threatening them. She also acknowledged some fans’ push for her removal from the franchise by confirming that she isn’t going anywhere.

A considerable number of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers want Angela to be removed from the franchise. Fans called out the 55-year-old reality TV star for abusing her husband Michael Ilesanmi. 

Living up to her reputation for being quick-tempered, Angela reacted to the fan backlash in an explosive way. Following her weight loss surgeries, Angela was support to quit smoking, but she is still smoking a pack every day.

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On top of that, she is blaming Michael for her inability to quit. In a new episode, Angela called him an ugly “son of a b**ch” and even tried to hack his phone to track his location.

Such foul language sparked criticism from 90 Day Fiance viewers, especially those who have been in abusive relationships. Fans feel she is toxic and shouldn’t be featured on national TV. Others believe she is using Michael to be on the show.

Moreover, her recent actions imply that she is planning to divorce him soon. The American grandma is facing massive backlash on social media, with many fans using the hashtag “#cancelangela” on 90 Day Fiance fan pages.

Blogger i.b.trash.talkin created a meme and wrote a caption wondering who she might bully at the Happily Ever After? season six Tell-All. Most viewers thought she would fight with Julia Trubkina in the upcoming Tell-All since the Russian beauty is against plastic surgery and believes in losing weight only by working out.

According to ScreenRant, Angela was already very angry over the fans’ uproar, and this meme irritated her further. In a seemingly threatening tone, she replied, “You if you don’t stop with the bulling bs.”

Her response ended up fueling the fans’ outrage. She was slammed for raising her second daughter, who is a convicted pedophile. She made another comment to poke a joke at her critics, using the hashtag “#cancellimnotgoingnowhereIDIOT.”

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“You guys are so stupid we film tell all 16 18 and you guys see 2 hrs do go to he’ll idiot let my name taste like sh*t in your mouth,” she wrote.

Angela was probably trying to imply that the cast films for several hours, but viewers get to see only a small part of that. Fans criticized her again for her English and abusive behavior on social media.

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9 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’: Angela Reacts To The Backlash She Received, Calls Her Fans ‘Idiots’”

  1. Angela is a nasty disgusting poor excuse for a lady. Michael, we hope you don’t continue on with her vile nasty ass.

  2. Angela is mean but she can do whatever she wants but WE DON’T CARE.!!! having to watch an hour of her with her surgeries was so boring.. it’s time that she goes

  3. Absolutely ridiculous! Please remove angela from the show! She is toxic, demeaning to others, abusive and a bully! There is no place for this behavior and especially on national television!

    Sheila from Canada

  4. I’ve always like Angela but since her surgeries it seems she thinks shes better than everyone. Well darlin if it weren’t for viewers/fans noone would know who the hell you are. If you go around treating everyone like crap that’s how you will be treated. Come on now you’re old enough to know better.

  5. I think she is an obnoxious bully who no longer has a place on television. I feel bad for her grandchildren, this isn’t a healthy example to grow up with.

  6. She’s just vile,if a man was talking to a woman the way she talks to Michael he would have bn getting the boot,& I’m trying to stop smoking and she just put me in the mood to smoke nonstop.

  7. Janice Snyder

    What do we expect from reality TV? We watch it because we have no life. Angela is that low-life we NEVER want to meet.

  8. Debra Lee-Dawson

    She’s disgusting and I am outraged that TLC keeps airing her unacceptable behavior on national TV! Would they let a man treat a woman like that and air it on national television?! No amount of plastic surgery or weight loss surgery will make her look better with such an ugly and nasty personality.

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