Why Do You Need A Website

Why Do You Need A Website?

Why Do You Need A Website?Why do you need a Website?
Question: “I run a very small business, I just have two employees and me, and my products are such that cant be sold over internet (online). Do I really need a website?”

Answer: Well, that’s a good question and important one. Long back in internet years, one of the most negative futurist agreed to the fact that the signs indicates that a major portion of future business revenues will be derived from internet (online) transactions or from offline transactions which will be the results of online marketing only.

So, even if your business is small and your services and products you think cant be sold over internet (online) still you should have a website? Yes, without a doubt, if you have business, you must have a website.

And also dont quickly disband your product as it can’t be sold through internet. There are more than 20 million shoppers online who purchase everything from books to laptops to real estate to cars to natural gas to jet airplanes to name few. If you can imagine then there is someone to figure out how it can be sold over internet.

Let me throw some light on one point. I am not saying that you should put all efforts on internet selling. The point is to at least have an online presence on the web so that your business partners, potential employees, customers and even investors can easily and quickly find out more about your work/business and the services or products you have to offer.

Just having a website is not enough, if you want to be taken seriously, you must have a professional looking website. You good looking site may have to make your first impression because now a days before purchasing consumer search for information. If your website looks like designed by colorblind monkeys then your chances of making a good impression will be lost.

Your website is an very important part of your business. You should make sure you treat it as such.

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