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When Puri Jagannadh disappointed Media!

On Wednesday, director Puri Jagannadh went to Banjara Hills headquarters of police. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t a stunning news? Simply think what number of various articles/websites/recordings we (media individuals) can make out of this news! Puri Jagannadh in lockup? Puri Jagannadh meet cops, all things considered? then again What made Puri Jagannadh goto the police home office? Ok… however…

When Puri Jagannadh stepped out of the headquarters he seemed, by all accounts, to be cool and no stresses or pressure by any stretch of the imagination (Upsetting, isn’t it? We could have wrote one article about his expressions as well, SHITTT!). Anyways, the director had a word with media and informed that he was there just to meet Assistant Commissioner Uday Kumar Reddy who is his good companion.

Actually, Media expected an exciting story the moment they got some answers concerning Puri proximity in the police station. However, Puri Jagannadh disappointed the media without a doubt. All media people did was leaving the place after handshake with the director. Shaa!

With his upcoming “Rogue”, Puri is familiarizing another hero with Telugu Film Industry. The film will have a synchronous Kannada release.

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