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Wheelchair Basketballers at Mumbai University | Witty Scoop

There is no surprise that India ranks highest in Paralympic games across the globe. There are various differently-abled skilled athletes who participate in this major event.

Being a Mumbaikar (One who is local of Mumbai), it was an honor to experience this unique training camp where 40 wheelchair basketballers ace their game at Mumbai University.Wheelchair Basketballers

Wheelchair Basketballers have proved if you have sheer grit, determination and a desire that is deep-rooted then you can accomplish any challenge in life.

It was a three-day event dubbed ‘Second International Wheelchair Basketball’ took place recently. The event witnessed 40 wheelchair basketballers from six different states and 32 cities in India, tackling the opponent as they dodge the ball, passing each other smoothly, and enjoying the game.

The event was held in Department of Physical Education, Mumbai University at Kalina. Dr. Ketna Mehta organized the event who is treating people with spinal cord injury from past 18 years. Sanjay Bookun, Jaspal Dhani, and Jiggy Vaidya featured in the event as international coaches.

“It was a challenge to organize this camp, but we overcame all odds. The best thing is that most of the new participants have been selected to be a part of the National Team” – Coach

Sports is a place that brings common people and differently-abled people under one roof which is incredible. It is a life-changing experience for people around the world.

Professor Dr. Vasanthi K who is head of the department confirmed that this was the first-time international coaches in the premises and the camp has been a great learning and motivating experience for all of them.

Captain of Women’s Basketball Team, Kaartiki Patel shared her experience while saying the presence of the international coaches has a completely different way of looking at the game.

Nisha Gupta from Bhayander traveled by local train which is a brave attempt in itself to attend the camp. Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair Auctioned At An Unbelievable Price!

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