The Free Street Store at Bhubaneshwar

The Free Street Store at Bhubaneshwar

The Free Street Store

The one who indulge themselves in Retail Therapy can only experience the joy of it. In India is a country of world’s 1/3rd extreme poor who cannot afford such lavish happiness. But not anymore, in Bhubaneshwar “The Free Street Store” is allowing them to enjoy the taste of shopping!

Its first time in India and also world’s first rent-free, premise-free popup clothing store for the homeless where everything is free they pick! At Hotel Marrion entrance The Street Store is opened from 10AM to 5PM and with a wide smile there are over 600 customers who walk away with new clothes.

The footwears and clothes were donated by people of Bhubaneshwar. After a vast Facebook campaign, in more than a week donations started pouring before the event. This massive response to The Street Store, from shoppers and donors, encouraged its kind of more stores across India.

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